Balavihar 2017 - 2018 

Hari Om!

Balavihar Start Date:  08-20-2017.

Rules for >Balavihar are listed below -- Please make a note of them.

Please be present in the temple before 11:30 am
Satsang will start sharp at 11:30 am.

In future we will communicate as much as possible through 
E-mail &/or Website -

There will be no Classes on all major Holidays – Please check Website for dates.


      .   Parents are strongly urged to make sure that their children attend all classes.

     .    At least one parent must regularly accompany the child.

     .    DRESS CODE: Indian dress or T shirts with long pants.    

     .    REGULARITY and PUNCTUALITY is expected

     .    No Cell Phones/Pagers are allowed in Class without teacher's permission.      

     .    Parents should talk to teachers about medical problems or absences.

     .    No chewing gum is allowed in the Balavihar or on the temple Premises.