Balavihar Class Schedule for the academic year 2017-2018.

Classes start on August 20th, 2017.

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11:30 AM  to 12:00 PM -                  Satsang & Prayer in the Main Hall 
                                                              (Includes Bhajans, Children's Prayer & Aarti).

12:15 PM  to  01:15 PM -                  Balavihar Classes start after Satsang. 
                                                              Adult Classes - under guidance of Dr. Meena Patel.

Classes will be conducted on every Sunday except Major Holidays as noted below.

Additional changes in schedule will be communicated in the email or updated in the website.

There will be no classes on the following Sundays:

09/03/2017:  Labor Day weekend  

11/26/2017Thanksgiving Holiday

12/25/2017:  Christmas Holiday

12/31/2017:  New Year Holiday

Class resumes on 01/07/2018

04/01/2018:  Easter weekend

The dates to be announced: Balavihar Year End Program and Last day of the class

Curriculum & Grades: (To Be Announced - TBA)

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Depending on the number of students and curriculum covered the class grouping maybe changed.

All children learn Nitya Vidhi Shlokas.  

Age 4 - PreK: Alphabet Safari

Teachers: Deepika Reddy; Nandita Bhatia

KG - 1: TBA

Teachers: Meghna Chadha; Prathiba Anne

Grades 2 - 3: TBA

Teacher: Shanthy Tivakaran

Grade 4 - 5: Krishna Krishna Everywhere

Teacher: Mansi Shah

Grade 6 - 8: Key to Sucess

Teacher: Manish Dhawan

Grade 9 - 12: TBA

Teacher: Sanjeevi Tivakaran

Co-Teachers: Ashish Modi, Anshu Tandon, Richa Dhawan, Sanjay Menon,  Vrunda Takalkar.

Art commitee members:

Richa Dhawan, Laxmi Jain & Daksha Turakhia.

At the discretion of the teacher and in consultation with the Balavihar Committee we reserve the right to accept or not accept a child, depending mainly on the child’s ability to sit (this includes being able to comprehend, participate, be of the right age etc.) in a particular class.

Parents with young children can take care of their children in the Library. Parents can take turns with these young kids so that the other parent/parents can attend the regular adult classes. Further details to be provided at the start of the school year.

We hope to make this a very valuable experience for the students and teachers. 

Questions can be addressed to any member on the contact page.

Hari Om

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