Hari Om

 Dear Friends

One of the greatest gifts of India to the world is its culture.  We all wish that our children cherish it and that some part of this Great Tradition becomes part of their lives so that they can benefit from the wisdom of the great thinkers and sages who among other things gave us the Vedas, Yoga, Bhakti &  Sadhana etc.

 Balavihar was started to teach our children our religion, culture and about being good citizens of this country and this world. At Balavihar we endeavor to teach them the importance of being good and that good always prevails.  The purpose of Balavihar is also to make our children proud of their heritage and roots.  All of this is done with examples and information from the Hindu scriptures.  We also teach them the true meaning of various customs and festivals in India.

 The classes range from kindergarten to high school. This Balavihar was started in 2004 and has grown through the past few years. The classes are conducted at the new building adjacent to the main hall. The feedback from the parents and children has been very positive and this has encouraged all of us to strive to strengthen our commitment to Balavihar further. 

 This new building has 6 classrooms, a Library and their own bathrooms.

 Every one of us gives donations for various good causes throughout the year. This particular donation is for our children.  We still encourage donations and services for the continued growth and expansion for all the activities that we envision for Balavihar in the future. You may think of this as an investment in our children and local Indian community as a whole.  We are striving to teach our children the knowledge of good and bad.  Knowledge is the greatest form of wealth.  Knowledge given to our children now will help them to be better parents and perhaps will pass down for generations to come.  We hope Balavihar will benefit our children for years to come.

 Balavihar Committee.